Basic Steps for getting a Medical Cannabis card in New Jersey

Cannabis has been approved in the state of New Jersey to aid in the treatment of several chronic diseases and conditions, many of which can be debilitating and painful. At MediCalm-NJ, we support New Jersey residents on their journey to optimal wellness through a holistically guided approach. Our compassionate team of healthcare providers will help you understand how to apply for a medical cannabis card and support you through every step. 

  1. Be a NJ resident* and have a qualifying condition 
  2. Set up an appointment with MediCalm. Cost of consultation is expected prior to or at the time of your telephone appointment. This is refunded if not approved.
  3. Once approved, you will receive a Reference ID number and a Registry ID number.
  4. You will need to create a username and password to set up an account in the Medicinal Cannabis Program patient portal.

Once your account is activated, you will complete the registration process, by:

  1. Identifying an Alternative Treatment Center where you will be able to purchase your medicinal cannabis doses. (You will be able to change your ATC in the portal at any time.)
  2. Uploading proof of your New Jersey residency
  • A current New Jersey government-issued ID or two proofs of residency 
    • If you do not have a current New Jersey state issued ID reflecting your physical address you may provide two other proofs of residency. Selecting your ID card option. Digital ID cards are free, but physical cards will require a $10 payment. Both cards are valid for two years.

     3. Uploading a recent full-face, front facing photograph 

Go to Medicinal Cannabis Program (nj.gov) for more information


Medicinal cannabis patients from other states may register for a nonrenewable, six-month MCP card for use during their stay in New Jersey.  Out-of-state patients will need to consult with a registered New Jersey healthcare practitioner who will enroll them in our registry. They will need to use the reference number and registry ID number they get from the provider and a current copy of their registration in their home state’s program to set up an account in our patient portal.